Kikar Hamusica Shop

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Kikar Hamusica Shop


Located at 10 Rehov Yoel Moshe Salomon, the meuseum shop will be the first stop attracting podestrian traffic coming from the direction of Kikar Tzion (Zion Square). The shop sells many items related to Hebrew music.
You will find a variety of miniature instruments, a large selection of international Hebrew music, books, games, t-shirts and many other items in the image of “Saba Levy”.
The shop has 100 square meters of surface space. It is another attraction and a showcase for Kikar Hamusica. This entertaining enterprise attracts visitors who will not leave without a cherished souvenir! One access point is from Yoel Salomon Street and another is located at the museum exit. The concerts here and in our auditorium will be available throughout the year.
Sabrina Atlani- Directrice de la boutique Kikar Hamusica Email:

Sabrina Atlani- Kikar Hamusica shop Director
Email: Tel: 025669163

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