School of dance music and comedy

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School for Music and Voice

The mission: To train children and adults in the use of various musical instruments and vocal skills, while respecting the Jewish values of harmony. This Jewish music heritage was developed during the times of the two Temples of Jerusalem. This heritage was scattered throughout the diaspora following the demise of the Temples. The musical heritage continues today in the capital of the modern State of Israel, Jeruusalem!
Each student will receive high-level courses in musical theory, the study of various instruments and vocal harmony. Study will be offered in both private or group lessons. Music groups will be created and everyone will be able to share their talents on the Music Square stages. They will also receive a recordings of their (music made with the necessary financial arrangements).
The School of Dance:   :
Will teach Modern Israeli dance, Yemenite dance and world dance (including zumba , salsa, oriental , rock)

The School of Comedy: :

This “School of Laughs” will be a one of a kind. Students will be able to express themselves on the stage. They will gain valuable experience writing sketches, shows, jokes and everything that is likely to make us laugh. We will learn humor, not irony. The decoration will be a source of inspiration for laughter, humor and the union of joy. There will be festivals, books and accessories available related to humor presented in a fun way. Laughs and giggles will be heard all day long throughout the school of comedy.