The Museum of Jewish music

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The Museum of Jewish Music

The Music Square project is the answer for a growing cultural and spiritual demand by Jewish people worldwide, intersted in connecting with “Jewish Music”. According to Jewish tradition, the golden age of the music dates back to the wisest of men,King David and King Solomon.
Jewish music and its poetic lyrics influence both Eastern and Western cultures. The museum aims to collect, record and store the musical heritage of the Jewish people in the broadest sense of the word with representation from all diasporas. Fundamental historical documents including the most important poets and their writings will also be presented. Collections including manuscripts, musical instruments from around the world, visual arts and ethnic costumes repreenting the folklore of each of the unique Diaspora communities will be exhibited in the museum. This will illustrate the variety and richness of the Jewish people throughout their exile throughout the nations.

We will find in the museum:

1. Jewish music development from the various diasporas and in Eretz Israel
2. The roots of Jewish music in the Diaspora
3. Means of preserving and transmitting music from generation to generation
4. Consciousness of the people to their own musical culture
5. Any visitor from Israel or elsewhere will receive a unique musical experience packed with positive emotions.

After the tour, visitors will go up to the auditorium where they will view an animated film about the history of Jewish music through history, culminating with his return to the Land of Israel. It will be broadcast hourly. Hope for the unity of all mankind will be felt by the visitors. Our guests will then be able to appreciate the goodness that Jewish music has brought to humanity.