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Monday, July 3, 2023, 7:30 p.m.

Manitou – The Word Rediscovered (film)


“MANITOU the word regained”, the event film on MANITOU – 1h18
produced by Olivier Cohen and directed by Michael Grynszpan
This film is not a biographical work, because beyond the unique personality of Manitou or his career, it is to the genius of Judaism that he embodied that this documentary is devoted. When Manitou gave lessons in an elaborate language, he answered the major existential, philosophical and political questions posed by his students. He succeeded in transmitting the teachings of the great Masters of the Torah and in particular those of the Kabbalists.
The ambition of this film is therefore to make Manitou’s voice heard and also to make known, through his lessons, the path offered by the tradition of Israel.
Nowadays, it is young non-French speaking Israelis who discover and are passionate about Manitou’s teachings.

Rav Yéhuda Léon Ashkenazi – Manitou is the master whose post-war teaching has probably had the greatest impact on French Judaism. His impressive knowledge, both in the various disciplines of the Torah and in the fields of philosophy, sociology, ethnology, anthropology enabled him to develop an original formulation of Hebrew wisdom.

Olivier Cohen is a teacher, former company director, he founded the site Manitou L´hébreu and the association Pour Poser la bible sur terre of which he is President.

Michael Grynszpan is a director of films broadcast in France, Israel, USA and elsewhere in the world. Born in Paris, he has lived in Tel-Aviv for twenty-eight years. Among his achievements: The Forgotten Refugees, on the history of the Jews in the Arab world, an award-winning film and broadcast internationally, screened at the UN and the American Congress – Descendants of Nazis: the infernal heritage made with Marie -Pierre Raimbault for France 3 – Toulouse between pink and grey, on the Jewish community of Toulouse after the abominable attack it suffered – Monsieur Chouchani, a film-event on the famous mysterious genius, master of Elie Wiesel and d ‘Emmanuel Lévinas.

Site dedicated to the teachings and thinking of Manitou:

Monday, July 3, 2023, 7:30 p.m.
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