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Samy Goz

Pop – Crooner


“Samy Goz” Artist/Singer/Conductor. He is the star of international Showbiz, the Jet Set and crowned heads. Both singer, conductor and entertainer. Since his aliyah to Jerusalem in March 2019, his new “Quartet” and his new “Big Band” have been created, and are composed of the fine flower of Israeli musicians from Jerusalem: “Aviv Lidani” on the Piano, “Nadav Berkovits” on the Keyboards, “Michael Mizrahi” on Bass & “Dar Levi” on Drums.

March 14, 8 p.m., outdoor


Samy Goz - My Name is Samy
Samy Goz - My Name is Samy
Watch this video on YouTube
Samy Goz - Jazz Crooner
Samy Goz - Jazz Crooner
Watch this video on YouTube
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