Nachman is a boutique restaurant. Kosher (Mehadrin), with a Mediterranean style kitchen, located in Kikar Hamusica (Music Square) In the beautiful Nachalat Shiva neighborhood.

The restaurant’s menu draws inspiration from the Mediterranean  Basin, starting with high quality handmade pasta, fresh fish every day and a variety of vegetarian maztes, a combination of flavors between Europe and North Africa.

In the afternoon you can enjoy a good meal with relaxing live music playing in the background, and in the evening, every meal is celebration – a chance to order tasty food, drink ouzo & cocktails, spend time with family and friends, forget about everything and enjoy the good life. We encourage families to order big shareable dishes to the center of the table, which creates communication and exposes everyone to a variety of tastes & dishes.

In Nachman you will find the perfect combination of traditional Mediterranean cuisine, an intimate atmosphere, friendly service and elegant design, to the sound of live music playing in the background at Kikar Hamusica.


Mehadrin (Dairy)

Opening time

Sun-Thur . : 12:00-23:00 Friday :


Ma’avar Beit HaKnesset, Jerusalem


your event

If you are looking for a place to edit and come to your event you have come to the right place. There are a number of restaurants in the Music Square with various menus that can accommodate you, as well as a catering company that will reach any place you want.

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