Bakery Pastry
Napoleon café found it’s in Jerusalem Israel Café like in france and all around Europe This places have a fine dining experience and service , they rename the art of service customer. The place has varieties of dishes, sandwiches , sushi, queeches, salads, homemade icecreams. And the bet napoleon that you can enjoy from it or other delictes. At Napoleon everythings is created for the customers flavoures , we give you the best service and dining experience so you will have time to enjoy the food and the music at Kikar Hamusica


Rabanut Yerushalaim (Dairy)

Opening time

Sun – Thu : 8:30-19:00
Friday : 8:30-14:00


Yo’el Moshe Salomon 10, Jerusalem


your event

If you are looking for a place to edit and come to your event you have come to the right place. There are a number of restaurants in the Music Square with various menus that can accommodate you, as well as a catering company that will reach any place you want.

For details please call Lara : 058-5311012

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