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Anniversary, Brit Mila, Kiddouchim, wedding or just happiness of sharing, private or professional reception, Daniel D. is at your disposal! Created in 1995, Daniel D. has been built over the years, nourished by two passions, two high skills: Daniel Dahan, eldest son of the famous Parisian caterer Jacques Dahan, wiped his first jeans in the middle of richly decorated tables and stoves never extinguished. His taste for pastry decoration led him to specialize in carving sugar. Since its culinary or pastry proposals always present this delicate alliance between taste and beauty. Céline Dahan, is very young attracted to the challenge of the trade, she reveals herself an outstanding negotiator. She receives for prestigious French companies, the title of first saleswoman, several consecutive years. Daniel and Céline will offer to Daniel D. competence, seriousness, know-how, requirement, creativity and beyond the generosity, the love of the sharing … Daniel D. accompanies you from North to South of the country, in the place chosen by you to prepare the reception of your dreams. Newly installed in the heart of Kikar Hamusica, and associated with its restaurants, Daniel D. can today register your reception, halavi or bassari, in the restaurants “Nahman” “Kinor Hakikar” “Blue Hall”.
For reservations: 02-671-8453 or 052-287-5492


Badatz Beit Yossef

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Ma’avar Beit HaKnesset, Jerusalem


Excellence, creation, know-how, presentation
Trader-pastry chef from father to son, Daniel D. accompanies you in all the events of your life: britmila, barmitzva, wedding, kiddush, but also opening, seminars and any business reception, Canapés, verrines, croustades, puff pastries, mini tartlets, among others will combine to make your event an unforgettable memory Choose your formula: traditional or exotic, spicy or scented, sweet, salty or both, plate, buffet, classy service, enchanting table setting … Daniel D. is attentive to each of your desires and makes your reception an exceptional moment in partnership with the greatest professionals of the event Your kiddush and Shabbat caterer H’atan Organization, tradition, emotion
Chef known for his French savoir-faire and his mastery of the Jewish cuisines of the world, Daniel D prepares your Shabbat to take home to you every Friday
On order Daniel D. you make a “little onions” chabath
Slip your feet under the table! Daniel D. and his team offer you your Shabbat “keys in hand” Variety of salads and starters, traditional cooked dishes, oriental or Israeli flavors, sumptuous desserts From preparation to the management of your Shabbat event !!

For more details :
052-287-5492 or 02-671-8453

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